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How To Choose Interior Colors

Choosing the right colors for the rooms in your house

How To Choose Interior Colors

How To Paint Your Bathroom

Are you having trouble choosing colors for the interior of your house?

Painting your home can be a fun and exciting experience. We've collected guidance from our color experts to lead you toward the right look for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or other rooms of your home. 

Bright Kitchen Colors

Bright Kitchen Colors

Your kitchen wall color should brighten up the area adding warmth and ambiance. If you want a natural look for the kitchen, you can go for natural wood for the cabinets and use clear wood finishes.

The kitchen ceiling should bear a bright color that reflects light down to the kitchen surfaces. Dull interior paint colors can interact with your lights causing a dark environment in your kitchen. Leave the kitchen counter tops neutral to help the back splash colors stand out. 
Consider the other elements of your kitchen like your cabinets, counter tops, appliances, back splashes, and find a color that interacts well with them.

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A bright buttery yellow, like Soleil, or softer neutral, like Morocco Sand, can be ideal for kitchen walls.

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Selecting your bathroom's color palette will depend on the color of your tiles, the tub, and other fixtures. Test how the colors look under different levels of light at different times of the day. Pick the color that you like depending on the kind of lighting you intend to install in your bathroom. If you hire a house painter to paint your space, make sure you're comfortable with a color up front.

Color is an important aspect to consider when arranging the bedroom. Your bedroom should create a mood to help you relax and catch some sleep. A calm and toned-down color like Lovely Lilac provides a relaxed environment. 

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Canyon Blue


Create a cozy space in which to entertain by painting your living room in a rich luxurious color like Canyon Blue.

Living Rooms

Living Rooms

Interior paint color schemes for your home should bring out the environment you like. When choosing interior color schemes, especially for the living room, consider your furniture, soft furnishings and the floor. Vibrant colors work well with corridors and verandas.

While finding the right paint colors for your rooms consider the lighting of your house to avoid too much glare with bright colors. Also, study the structural elements to choose suitable paint colors for your home.

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