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Coatings Solutions for Multi-Family Communities

Coatings Solutions for Multi-Family Communities

Multi-Family Solutions That Attract Residents and Reduce Downtime

Keeping your property looking its best is critical when your top priority is attracting new residents and retaining current ones. Multi-family communities require durable paint to maintain the interior aesthetic and fast-drying products to reduce downtime between unit turns, including low- and zero-VOC solutions.* Common areas including hallways, stairwells, common areas, and workout centers are no exception. 

Whatever your repaint cycle and budget goals are, our experienced team of paint professionals will ensure you have the right products for the job. From halls and walls to doors and floors, PPG paint will keep you protected. Consult our Multi-Family flipbook for more on our interior, exterior, and specialty paint solutions.

*Colorants added to base paints may increase VOC levels significantly depending on color choice.


Featured Multi-Family Solutions

Multi-Family Communities Color Palette

Multi-Family Color Palette

PPG knows that color is important to your multi-family community. Today, residents are seeking ways to customize their spaces to bring a sense of individuality within the multi-family environment. In the common areas of the property, a soft, simple, neutral palette reflects an area of respite from the propensity of cultural disruption and chaos.