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Coatings Solutions for Senior Living

Coatings Solutions for Senior Living

Safe and Durable Coatings for Senior Living Projects

Senior living communities are busy facilities that require durable protection to maintain a calming and homelike interior aesthetic for residents. Areas including units, hallways, stairwells, and common areas are susceptible to the wear and tear of foot traffic and the rigors of frequent cleaning. 

High-quality paint is an essential component of creating a comfortable, safe, and attractive living environment for seniors. PPG products (including low- or zero-VOC* and antimicrobial options) withstand daily traffic, keep projects on budget, and help communities to look their best. Reference our Senior Living flipbook to learn more about our portfolio of interior, exterior, and maintenance solutions.

*Colorants added to base paints may increase VOC levels significantly depending on color choice.


Featured Senior Living Solutions

Senior Living Communities Color Palette

Senior Living Color Palette

Today's senior living residents are seeking ways to customize and define their spaces through color, to bring a sense of individuality within the senior living environment. Our color palette allows for balance between creating relaxing, soothing spaces for residents and highlighting overall appearance, cleanliness, services, and amenities.