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Paint Color Palette: Confluence

Palettes draw inspiration from the natural world

Paint Color Palette: Confluence

Paint Color Palette: Confluence

Confluence speaks of the classic confluence of nature’s elements. It evokes thoughts of far-off destinations and melds you with what’s now. Palettes draw their inspiration from the natural world - earth, wind, fire and water – four distinctive elements used throughout the ages to give significance to color. They conjure up exotic places on the map and in the mind, create atmospheres, from exciting to serene and always reflect the true you.


The colors that make up Space are designed to inspire balance, grace and a feeling of luxury in simplicity. Picture the delicate and feminine presence of a lotus. A whisper of fresh air, Space awakens the five senses. With the soft nuance of watercolors, this palette evokes a Zen-like balance between thought and emotion. Think of the fragile cream petals of an orchid, the translucent ivory of a porcelain tea service. Pair with soft pink, rich cinnamon and sepia browns. "Spa" is the beginning of Space.

Blue Notes

Blue Notes is a return to new basics rooted in simplicity and classic crispness. See the deep cold blues of the Atlantic that reach to your soul. Clean, crisp, classic. Calm, cool, and collected. For those seeking sense and sensibility, this is a return to what's essential. In the call of the ocean, the depths of the deep blue sea, one finds the universe and one's self. Let the jazz swells overwhelm. Take confidence, feel constancy in the many ways to be blue.


Helios is a rich, intense palette inspired by cultures from Argentina to Mexico. Helios is homage to the force of the South American Indian civilization and the baroque splendor of colonial heritage. The bounty of the harvest, the bonfire of the spirit. Bask in the heat of the moment – intense, vibrant, alive. This trend is influenced by the cultures of the sun, the splendors of the colonies of yore. A luminous attitude radiates. Red clay pigment couples with warm, brilliant white to ignite consciousness.


Bloom is a garden of inspiration and full of charm, joy and rebirth with brilliant blossoms that excite the eye. Grounded? Just barely. Here is a palette practically levitating with energy and life, cheerfulness and charm. It bespeaks effervescence and extroversion – leave your shyness at the door! Think leis from Honolulu and jewels of India. The true brilliance of the garden in bloom: audacious purples, embraced by green, mauve, pink, orange.