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Paint Color Palette: You Love You Are

Colors inspired by social events, fashion and technology

Paint Color Palette: You Love You Are

Paint Color Palette: You Love You Are

Influenced by social events, fashion and new technology, the world of interior design is subtly reinvented from season to season. It responds with images adapted to our changing realities. However, what you are attracted to is often on a much deeper psychological level, therefore it is also essential that our homes reflect our personal tastes. 


You love your prized music collection, the latest in devices – that and one great, comfortable chair. You've known your closest friends forever and they know you'll be there – thick or thin. You agree Sean Connery is the best James Bond. To you, your word is a legal contract. You are drawn to the strength of natural substances and to linear forms with an architectural sense. You are generous, loyal, and grounded and you value competition. You work hard, play hard and you are always fair.

Allure Couture

You love to arouse your senses – with visions of beauty, a velvet touch, fragrant smells, delectable tastes and poetic sounds. You seek soft edges, cashmere, serenity and French perfume. You prefer Paris to New York. Intelligence attracts you and bookstores steal your time. You believe in love. Your manner is calming, your friends are loyal. Light becomes you. Light becomes your home.

Retro Remix

You love the Mini Cooper, jellybeans and your snowboard. You are playful, daring and laugh out loud. You welcome company, imagination and smiling multi-colors. You find beige a little boring, but stripes and humor energize you. You are generous in spirit and always share in the fun. Because life is a party – and if it's not, you'll plan one.

Bohemian Opulence

You love the interplay of light on silk, fair trade, intricate textures and found treasures. You seek extraordinary beauty in ordinary things, and you appreciate handcrafted pieces. You entertain with flair and abundance and you recycle everything but friends. You are inspired often by exotic fragrance, culture, and cuisine. You value generosity, intuition and adventure. Color alters your mood and you know it. And you need it.