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Paint Color Palette: The Light Years

Styles and colors of a new paradigm

Paint Color Palette: The Light Years

Paint Color Palette: The Light Years

In order to interpret the spirit of the future, we are presenting four emerging trends: Prana, Strategy, Modern Artisan and Color Delight. These archetypes illustrate the expression of the different styles and colors of the new paradigms we all live in.


Prana is a reaction to violence, the calming antidote to our accelerated, stress-filled lives. Prana connects to the breath and the peace it brings. It is the horizon and the blue summer sky. It is all around you at night when you take the time to look at the stars. Prana is curves and flowing lines that are conducive to a peaceful rhythm of life. The ambience is airy, romantic, fluid, reflective and always elegant. It showcases a collection of precious objects chiseled and ornamented.


Strategy is inspired by the strict precision of industrial design. This trend expresses a lifestyle based on a realistic ideology, which puts the focus on function. A clear vocabulary is used to extol a nouveau chic style with a contemporary spirit. This aesthetic evolution calls for simplicity, soundness and moderation. A sense of 50s and 60s retro is strongly felt in the search for bare, simple lines. Shapes for both furniture and decorative objects are geometric.

Modern Artisan

The Modern Artisan is a reflection of the profound shift towards conscious living in all of our consuming habits. As we are heading to an age of meaning, we witness an appreciation and respect for things organic, authentic and meaningful in all the products we choose and environments that we create. The Modern Artisan is that human being emerging in all of us that strives for ethical choices.

Color Delight

Color Delight has a fresh look on things and is focused on the search for new experiences. It is innocent, youthful, dreamlike, and infused with the magic of the visually pleasing virtual world. It is a place where technology serves the fantastic and is a source of new products that create new emotions. It has the atmosphere of a fair of the future. It embraces the child-like joy of discovery. The key words are light, playful and creative.