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Paint Color Palette: Surreal Real

Palettes embodying discovery and observation

Paint Color Palette: Surreal Real

Paint Color Palette: Surreal Real

The Earth represents all that is logical, tangible and knowable. Through discovery and observation, it creates the world we know. We all share this knowledge through our vast store of accumulated, collective experiences.

The Sky represents our aspirations. Just as we need to breathe, we need to dream. This dream-like field is full of the magical, exciting and surprising aspects of life. Our Surreal Real palettes illustrate the creative side of things, blending our dreams of harmony and adventure.


The word "indie" has come to represent fresh thinking and cutting edge creativity, as in indie rock bands and indie films. Our design story takes the name Indie as a reference to industry and the designs it influences. The Indie color range is a carpenter's palette of railway blues, painted browns, and engineer's green. Silhouettes are simplified, referencing the earliest versions of designs. Indie materials are sturdy, honest classics: leather, wood, metal.


This is a design theme that represents life's most meaningful journeys: spiritual, cultural, philosophical. The spirit of this theme is the harmonization of urban, tribal, and mixed cultural references that create a melting pot of modern ethno-chic. The Journey palette blends rich earthy tones which can be grouped together in saturated harmonies, or may stand separately as accents against dark browns and inky blacks. Silhouettes offer an organic or human form, using dry, warm materials against clean and tactile surfaces.


The Wonderland theme is a blend of contradictions ornate and minimal, modern and vintage, classic and neo-classic. The overall look is soft, welcoming, and cozy (without appearing too casual) using calmer palettes and selective detailing. The Wonderland palette is highly romantic and dreamy with four warm cosmetic shades and one sumptuous brown note. Silhouettes that are rounded and circular in form prevail, while sheer and transparent pieces keep the mood light and airy.


Like an alter ego in a virtual world, the Avatar palette unveils a futuristic, cartoonish and fantastic version of reality. Art, architecture, furniture and fashion all succumb to this influence of playful fantasy. Clean matte shades of green, yellow, and new blue vibrate together, exhibiting a luminosity stabilized only by flat black and white in this palette that represents the other side of reality. Designs are made up of simplistic silhouettes and fun forms where color and/or quirkiness dominate.