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Paint Color Palette: Wow Color Now

Bodacious reds, watery teals and rusted hues

Paint Color Palette: Wow Color Now

Paint Color Palette: Wow Color Now

Bodacious reds, watery teals and rusted hues enliven deep grays and warm browns. We are rediscovering the joy, beauty and optimism that we need to overcome adversity. We are craving deep, bold and bright paint colors to invigorate the grays and beiges of past years. Highly-charged personal choices like lipstick reds and azure blues can set the stage for vibrant color choices. The quest for authenticity is also important to note. It’s a reaction to the pervasive and instantaneous knock-offs that come with our real-time world.


The soul of Instinct is warm and authentic. It fuses the ancient, mythological, raw, and the primitive with a highly technical modern-day aesthetic. Instinct belongs to a citizen of the world with grown-up tastes and could be simply described as a mix of ethnic exoticism and modern sophistication.


The mood is glamorous and mysterious. Glistening metallics and intricate motifs invite to a sophisticated decor. With a contemporary perspective, it lets us bring to life a new gold standard connecting the past with the present.

New Bohemia

A whimsical sense of design, and a rebirth of craft. New Bohemia is a pastoral trend that blends bucolic elements with second-hand objects for an authentic look that updates the vintage aesthetic for a contemporary age. The composition of floral inspiration, mix of modern and craft with a feminine touch transforms the place in an original but authentic home.


It's a philosophy steeped in the human desire for clarity, function and craftsmanship that refuses waste and love to reclaim the beauty of things past. It's about living simply. It offers an honest yet elegant way of life.