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Paint Color Collection: Hyper HD

Expressive colors for a culture that defies convention

By mixing dazzling brights with softer and neutral tonalities, the Hyper HD palette mimics the way tech and natural worlds are converging. Hyper HD, at its origins, shares a fundamental value with the I/M Perfect theme: the willingness to disregard stereotypes and celebrate one's own view of oneself. From there, however, the two themes are vastly different. Where I/M Perfect is low-key and focused on naturalness, Hyper HD is loud and impactful, focused on enhancements and celebration.

Loud and Lacquered

The color finishes in the Hyper HD collection are as loud as the theme itself. Lacquered and glossy, satin finish or chrome, there is plenty of shine, dazzle and reflection of light in the end translation of this palette.

Tech Glamour

This theme welcomes self-expression, freedom, glamour, performance and the conveniences of modern technology. Unwilling to draw a line between the virtual and real worlds, vintage or contemporary, this theme supports a larger-than-life persona. Eclectic color palettes and collected art objects work together to curate an ultra stylish space.

Disco Era Design

Brass, supple leathers and saturated bohemian jewel tones ooze a contemporary luxury aesthetic and social charisma.