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Gen X Color Palettes

Color palettes for an identity-driven generation

Gen X Color Palettes

Born between 1965-1978, Generation X was a group largely misunderstood. While originally stereotyped to be well educated yet dissatisfied with the world they inherited, this group has long since grown up, adapted and learned to thrive in a world they’ve helped shape. As part of our Generational Palettes collection, PPG has curated three color stories to reference when designing spaces for Gen X.

Effortless Contemporary

Reflecing exactly the effortless contemporary environment Gen X'ers crave. 

Vintage Mash-Up

Gooseberry and Volcanic Ash accents neutrals such as Toasted Almond and Free Reign.

Urban Mixology

Paint colors that complement that lifestyle with a pop of Heart’s Content next to a neutral such as Silver Charm.