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Silent Generation Color Palettes

Color palettes for a generation that values hard work and stability

Before you think the Silent Generation is only about nursing homes and Medicare, consider some of the demographic’s icons: Paul McCartney, Martha Stewart, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Robert DeNiro, Robert Redford, and Goldie Hawn – to name just a few. As part of our Generational Palettes collection, PPG has curated three color stories to reference when designing spaces for the Silent Generation.

Light Classic

As Depression-era babies, this generation places a high value on hard work, stability and saving money – all of which inform their sense of design.

Casual Elegance

Those in their early to mid-70s are often drawn to fresh, transitional and modern farmhouse styles, while older Silents continue to view antique and traditional-style design as the most valuable.

True Traditional

Timelessness, quality and integrity are important ideals, which the Silent Generation subconsciously looks for products and services to convey.