Whites & Off-Whites Collection

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Whites & Off-Whites Collection

Paint Color Palette: White Paint Colors

Paint Color Palette: White Paint Colors

Whites should only be intentional.

We organized our white paint color collection in groupings to make it easier to select your shade. Our greatest collection of whites features warm, cool and pure hues so that the room colors can be coordinated with the best whites. Not cold, or stark, these whites have beauty, crispness and elegance to get you to the perfect white for your space.

Antique White


Like the pages of a well-loved book, Antique White is a calming hue that feels welcoming and familiar.

Sugar Soap


Sugar Soap is a tender hue that bears a subtle glow, making it an ideal hue for tranquil spaces.

Delicate White


Delicate White is vibrant enough to feel awakening, yet still bears a softness that is inviting and friendly.