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Paint Color Collection: The Retreater

Choose from this pastel palette for a peaceful color scheme

Paint Color Trends: Retreater

The core colors of the Retreater paint palette are a mix of calming neutrals and warmer hues, ranging from pale yellows to earthy browns and stone grays. Together they create a discreet and neutral-feeling palette that puts the mind at ease. The complete palette introduces more non-organic naturals as well as delicate pastels to the mix.

Non-Organic Naturals

Sand and beach inspired off-whites and beige hues.

Warming Accents

Organic materials, patterns and forms act as warming accents to draw the eye in this otherwise subdued theme. Pastel colors are quite versatile and can either act as the staple hues for the interior space or as accents to the warm neutrals within the palette.

Delicate Pastels

Washed out blues and greens that reference a faded vision of water and foliage.

Paint Color Trends: Retreater

Escapism and Exteriors

The Retreater theme addresses the escapism trend by focusing on exteriors with extremely low ornamentation and limited materials and color contrasts. Trims and doors may be in the same color as the body of the home, and materials are used "en masse" to make homes appear larger.