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Vicente Wolf: Cool White Paint Colors

Clean and crisp, cool whites can be elegant, complex and relaxed

Cool White Paint Colors

There are just as many whites as there are reds or greens.

Choose whites with the same care. For cool colors, choose a cool white from Vicente Wolf's Color Diaries to add crisp contrast. For warm colors, choose a warm white to make it less severe.

Vicente Wolf


As a day moves from morning to night, white can shift from bright and cool to softer and warmer.

Wall Color: Commercial White PPG1025-1

Inspired by Lisbon

Cool White Colors

The artistic cobblestones of Lisbon are made from architectural rubble after the quake of 1775. It illustrates how whites should always be intentional. Don't use white paint color as a default because you can't choose a color. It will look unfinished. White paint colors can be elegant, art-gallery, complex and relaxed.

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