PITTHANE® ULTRA Gloss Urethane Enamels

PITTHANE Ultra Gloss Urethane Enamels are recommended as topcoats in coating systems where color and gloss retention are primary considerations. They also provide excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance. For professional use only; not intended for residential use.

  • Gloss
Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
Fully 2.08 VOC compliant
Excellent gloss and color retention
Mar and abrasion resistant
Excellent chemical resistance
Surpasses Level 3 of SSPC-36 paint specification
Meets MPI Category #78, 2 Component Aliphatic Polyurethane, Clear
Meets MPI Category #83, 2 Component Polyurethane Non-Slip Coating
Conformance Standards
  • MPI
Where to Use
  • Aluminum
  • Ferrous Metal
  • Galvanized Steel
Sizes and Data Sheets
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
95-8000 Gloss Neutral Base Gallons | Fives
95-8001 Gloss White Gallons | Fives
95-8002 Gloss Yellow Gallons
95-8003 Gloss Red Gallons
95-801 Gloss Safety Red Gallons
95-802 Gloss Safety Yellow Gallons
95-805 Gloss Safety Orange Gallons
95-812 Gloss Porcelain White Gallons | Fives
95-814 Gloss Black Gallons
95-819 Gloss Component B Catalyst Quarts | Gallons | Fives