How To Fix Paint Blocking

Properly correct paint blocking

How To Fix Paint Blocking

How To Fix Paint Blocking

Paint blocking is a common problem among painters and builders. It occurs when a freshly painted piece is placed onto another freshly painted piece. The paint of both pieces dries together and adheres together. When the two pieces are removed, the paint either peels away or paint from one piece adheres to the other surface. In a home, this can occur when two adjoining walls are painted different colors. Paint blocking can also occur when painted surfaces are exposed to areas that have a lot of moisture. The moisture is able to weaken the hardened paint and allow the paint from two surfaces to adhere.

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How To Fix Paint Blocking - The Issues

The Issue


Whether you are hosting a house party, selling your house, or having an open house, keeping your belongings looking sharp and aesthetically pleasing is a must. Unfortunately, a paint blocking issue that can come from painted surfaces adhering to each other can cause problems when trying to keep an apartment building or house looking clean and presentable. We have the information you need to make sure that your building leaves your property looking beautiful. This article suggests several tips to deal with blocking on painted wall.

How To Fix Paint Blocking - The Cause

The Cause


The cause of a paint blocking issue with blocking on painted wall is that there is too much moisture. Therefore, solutions are circumstantial. If you're in an area that is currently humid or contains a lot of moisture, but won't contain a lot of moisture in a few days, then using latex paints is the better option. Latex paints have better initial block resistance because they dry very fast. However, latex creates an emulsion with water which will cause paint blocking over long periods of exposure to water or moisture. If you are painting in an area that is constantly humid and full of moisture, then alkyd paints are the best option.

Alkyd Paints


Alkyd paints have better long-term block resistance because they are based with hydrophobic materials that oppose water. If you are unsure of the moisture level in your specific area, you can check your windows or glass surfaces for condensation. As the water vapor in the air comes into contact with cool glass, it condenses from a vapor to a liquid and forms water droplets on glass surfaces. If this test is unhelpful or unreliable, then you may have to purchase or borrow a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity in the air. Once you have identified the humidity level in your area and have decided to use the correct type of paint, then you should allow sufficient time for the paint to dry. As well, the use of talcum powder may alleviate sticking.

The Solution

How To Fix Paint Blocking - Solution

The Solution

It is easy to make any building look great as long as you have the correct information and tool for the job. If you are unsure of how to begin painting, please consult an expert for methods and materials. You will not be sorry that you did when your project comes out looking truly amazing and spectacular.
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