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Paint Color Palette: The Color Insider

Live in color with these design ideas

Paint Color Palette: The Color insider

Paint Color Palette: The Color Insider

The idea of living in color is appealing to most, but finding the right color scheme for your home might at times seem a daunting task. First, know that if you are in the mood for bold colors, the timing is right. They are absolutely in fashion. Muster some color courage, be bold and know that with risk often come great rewards. Let confident red, gorgeous purple, intriguing blue or happy yellow help you define a place where you feel at home.

Local Revival

Our growing desire of unplugging from a complicated life generates a desire for proximity and for autonomy. The aesthetic focus on what is simple and local. Modest, Familiar, Respectful, Fundamental, Sustainable. A strong folkloric flavor influences the Local Revival color palette and tells us stories of the community passed through generation like a good jam recipe. Made of a mix of red berries, a modest muted stone color neutral, a warm creamy white all-together anchored by a solid reliable brown.

Beauty Queen

The context of this theme is highly social where the decor is a scene for fun and for the pleasure of a bit of extravagance. Glamorous and bold, it channels the spirit of a mix of 70s and 80s. This is the decor of a strong, unapologetically confident woman or of a suave and charming man. To create the atmosphere of the Beauty Queen decor, we composed a very feminine palette.

Quiet Tech

It describes a design movement that foregoes of conspicuous display of status for understated chic. It marries beauty with efficiency. It is a philosophy that puts technology and design at the service of simple intuition. An understated chic is achieved with a fine balance of softened whites, calming neutrals, and accents of indigo blue. Softened whites have a more calming effect than stark whites and are neutral enough to pair easily with dark and mid tones indigo blues, and with calming neutrals like a light gray and pale wood tones.

Deco Candy

Vibrant colors and fun design are making of your home a joyful playground. This chromatic trend of bright color blocking is all about energy and optimism. Stripes and color-coded design are bringing a sense of organization to what could otherwise be a boisterous spectrum of joyous hues. Deco candy is a bold harmony of citrus accented by a new playful blue. Yellow is the dominant player, it gives the color scheme that irresistible happy face effect. A dynamic combo to be used associated with more placid white and black.