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Paint Color Palette: The Bohemian Palette

A worldly and eclectic style full of vibrant colors

Paint Color Palette: Bohemian Collection

Paint Color Palette: Bohemian Collection

The Bohemian palette uses a mix of new and old pieces to create a lived in feel.

Incorporating elements from a diversity of cultural backgrounds, masters of this style often bring in items collected during travel or unfinished or repurposed furniture and decor. Bohemian aspirants should not hesitate to mix colors and textures.

The Bedroom

Vanilla Milkshake on the walls of your bedroom should be met with Copper Pot and Indiana Clay decor. 

The Dining Room

For your dining room, a Whirlwind wall pairs very well with Aqua Blue and Hearth decor. 

The Living Room

Try a Black Tulip accent wall with Little Dipper walls and Burnt Red and Aqua Blue decor in your living room.