SPEEDHIDE® Interior/Exterior Urethane Modified Gloss Oil


gallon, 5 gallon



Professional Painter

Product Details

SPEEDHIDE® Interior/Exterior Urethane Modified Gloss Oil is our best gloss alkyd, formulated to meet the performance requirements of the commercial markets. Its alkyd technology provides a tough, durable finish on hard-use surfaces that require high gloss finishes, like trim work, kitchen and bathroom walls, lawn and porch furniture, machinery, garden equipment, and floors. It has excellent flow and leveling, adhesion and scrubbability.


  • Excellent Flow, Leveling, & Block Resistance
  • Alkyd Hardness and Durability
  • Excellent Scrubbability
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
6-275 Gloss MIDTONE/INTERMEDIATE (B3) gallon, 5 gallon
6-277 Gloss NEUTRAL/ACCENT/ULTRADEEP/CLEAR gallon, 5 gallon
6-282 Gloss RM - WHITE/SUPER WHITE gallon, 5 gallon
6-284 Gloss WHITE/PASTEL (B1) 5 gallon, gallon
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