Manufacturing Excellence

To achieve its goals of being both a fiscally-sound and environmentally responsible firm, PPG has re-engineered many of the manufacturing processes at its paint facilities to minimize enery consumption, improve air and water quality and cut waste. These initiatives include:

recycling and conservation programs

Each paint manufacturing plant has an active recycling process that includes the reuse of washwater from the production process, the rework of obsolete inventory and the recycling of raw material containers and packaging. Other packaging goods - such as plastic and stretch films, super-sacs, cardboard and pallets - are recycled or recovered by suppliers, secondary users, scrap dealers or through third-party contracts. Program may not be available in all areas.

container recovery program

In 2008, PPG was the first national paint supplier to initiate a recovery program for five-gallon plastic pails used for water-based products. Empty and dry pails are returned to company-owned stores, consolidated and sent to distribution centers for shredding and recycling. In addition to its environmental benefits, this program reduces customer costs by eliminating the need to pay for empty-pail disposal. Program may not be available in all areas.