Ecological Products

meeting the most stringent voc regulations with ppg paints™

If your goal is to “build green”, be it through meeting local or national VOC regulations, qualifying for LEED® credits, or consciously attempting to minimize the overall environmental footprint of your building, PPG Paints can help. From residential to commercial to new home construction, PPG Paints can supply every type of project with a product solution that will help you meet your goal. We offer products that meet the most stringent environmental standards which require either zero or low VOC* coatings while delivering the performance you’ve come to expect. 

*Colorants added to these base paints may increase VOC levels significantly depending on color choice.


Simply look for the “Ecological Solutions from PPG®” logo when trying to identify which PPG Paints products meet these standards and can help earn LEED credits.

Use our product search to find products qualifying for governmental regulations and third-party certifications.

Please Note: This information is provided as reference only, and indicates information collected at time of publishing. VOC requirements are subject to change by the agency with jurisdiction in a specific regulated area.