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How to Clean, Prep & Coat Basement Floors

Step by step tutorial on coating basement floors to last

How To Clean, Prep & Coat Basement Floors

Homeowners today are looking to add active living area to their homes and the basement is the obvious space. Learning tricks by the experts will provide you a foundation of expertise to paint basement floors that will ultimately provide durability the homeowner wants. Although no two paint projects are the same, some generalizations may help to ensure a beautiful space for your customer.

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How To Clean, Prep & Coat Basement Floors

Tools For The Project

To get started on painting basement floors, you'll need the following tools.

  • High Quality Roller

  • Roller Extension Rod

  • Masking Tape

  • Brush

  • Cleaning Cloths

  • 5-gallon Bucket & Screen

  • Water

  • Scrub Brush

  • Sanding Paper

  • 1.2 mil or 1.5 mil plastic sheeting

  • Paint Product

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How To Clean, Prep & Coat Basement Floors

Step 1 – Moisture Test

It is important to know the condition of the floor surface. So, it is recommended to test the floor for moisture vapor transmission per ASTM D4263 standard, no less than 16 hours before you begin your project. Follow these steps:

  • Cut a 1.2 mil or 1.5 mil plastic sheeting into an 18" by 18" square

  • Assure the floor surface and plastic sheeting are within the manufacturer's recommended temperature for the coating product

  • Tape the plastic to the floor surface (do not apply in an area that receives direct sunlight)

  • Wait a minimum 16 hours and lift the plastic

  • Check the area for moisture

After waiting the recommended period, lift the plastic. Look for moisture on the underside of the plastic or for the surface of the concrete to be darkened. If either of these occur, the surface is considered too wet for a coating application. If the floor passes the moisture vapor transmission test, proceed to Step 2.

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How To Clean, Prep & Coat Basement Floors

Step 2 - Cleaning the Floors

It is necessary to know how to clean basement floors properly to ensure the coating product will adhere to the floor surface. On both old and new surfaces, preliminary work may be necessary to provide a porous surface for the coating product to adhere. The proper surface will feel textured, like fine sandpaper. Follow these steps.

  • Rough up the surface with sandpaper or a grinder to prepare the floor surface

  • Thoroughly clean the floor surface with a degreaser, like PPG DuraPrep Concentrated Degreaser

  • Tape areas to be protected with a masking tape or safe release tape, like 3M tape

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How To Clean, Prep & Coat Basement Floors

Step 3 - Painting Basement Floors

Now that you have prepared your surfaces, you are ready to apply the coating product. Always use a high-quality coating material, like PPG Breakthrough® that will ensure faster drying time, durability, and increased productivity for you. The following shows you how to paint basement floors properly.

  • Brush coating material onto the floor, starting in the corners, edges, and protected surfaces. Use a high quality brush (like the PPG ProMaster brush to ensure high capacity and even coverage)

  • Attach an extension rod to a high quality roller (like the PPG ProMaster 3/8" woven roller cover)

  • Roll on coating product to the floor evenly

  • Wait about 2 hours before applying a top coat

  • Wait the manufacturer's recommended time for drying before foot traffic

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The basement is a great way to add more service for your business. Now that you know how to clean basement floors properly and how to paint basement floors like the experts, you can add basement renovation to your customer service options, knowing that your workmanship will ensure a satisfied homeowner and future customers for your business.

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