How To Fix A Nail Head Rusting In Paint

Q: How do I fix nail head rusting in paint?

A: A rusting nail may seem like a minor issue, however it may cause larger problems down the road if it is not addressed over time. Rusting nails can detract the overall appearance of a painted surface and actually stain the paint. Replacing rusting nails is one solution, but you can also cover rusting nails to improve the appearance of your painted surface.



How Rust Forms

If a nail is non-galvanized, it is more likely to exhibit signs of rust. Over time, moisture conditions can cause rusty nail heads to bleed through paint. The appearance of those nails makes paint appear dull. Weathered nails have to be treated to diminish the appearance of the rust.


Keeping Your Building Looking its Best

A building’s outward appearance is a building’s first impression. To maintain a beautiful exterior, a quality paint job is recommended. When you are preparing to paint or repaint a building, keep an eye out for rusting nails. You can caulk the rusty nail heads prior to painting the surface to prevent future rusting from bleeding through the paint.


Surface Prep is Key

When you are preparing a surface for painting, you want your surface clean and smooth so the primer and paint adheres properly. So if you spot a rusted nail, sanding the nail before applying a primer helps remove some of the rust from the nail’s surface.

Be sure to caulk each rusted nail with a water-based acrylic caulk before you prime and paint. A rust inhibitive primer can be applied to both the surface and the nails before painting. This type of primer contains materials that prevents rust. Multiple coats of primer are recommended to prevent

Rust unfortunately will always rise to the top over time. Weather conditions and non-galvanized metal increases the likelihood of rust forming onto a painted surface area. Caulking the nails prior to the paint job and priming them eliminates nail head rusting problems.

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