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How to Fix Fading Exterior Paint Color

Exterior paint can be restored to look new

How to Fix Fading Exterior Paint Color

How to Fix Fading Exterior Paint Color

A good-looking building exterior always adds value, and a good paint job can upgrade its appearance. The main problem with painting the exterior of a building is the gradual fading of the paint color. Learn tips for how to fix a fading paint job and maintain your building’s exterior like new.

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How to Fix Fading Exterior Paint Color

Fading Exterior Paint


Factors that can lead to paint fading and shorten the life of exterior paint are:

  • Using low-quality paint. The upper layers of the paint quickly begin to peel off. The paint coating chalks off, and the color fades out. 

  • Using paint with low film thickness.

  • Exposure to sunlight. UV radiation is harsh to the pigmentation of the paint. 

  • Some colors like bright blue, yellow, and red are more vulnerable to paint color fading due to UV radiation. 

  • Over-tinting can also cause exterior color fading. 

  • Coastal weather conditions.

  • Darker paints that attract more light.

  • Extreme weather temperatures.

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How to Fix Fading Exterior Paint Color

Fading Exterior Paint


If the paint has started to fade and chalk, the only solution is to pressure wash or scrub all surface paint and chalking, then repaint.

When painting for the first time, or re-painting: 

  • Select a high-quality paint from a manufacturer that guarantees a degree of UV resistance. 

  • If the paint is going to be exposed to sunlight, choose a lighter color as it absorbs less radiation and heat. 

  • Paints that use inorganic pigments tend to be more resistant to UV radiation. 

Maintaining the paint is also important for its longevity. Have a maintenance plan for annually washing and repainting the color coat so that you will halt fading and chalking before they even occur.

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