Leanne Ford's Paint Color Choices

Great colors from Leanne Ford's home improvement projects

Leanne Ford's Paint Color Choices

Leanne Ford's Paint Color Choices

Leanne Ford's Paint Color Choices

Leanne Ford has chosen gorgeous PPG paint colors for the projects within her acclaimed TV show. Check out the colors from this season's projects below.

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The Crissman Project

The Crissman Project, designed by Leanne Ford, uses Delicate White (PPG1001-1) in Semi-Gloss to highlight the trim in this kitchen and living space. The gray concrete texture walls are contrasted with this bright, clean white to create contrast. Leanne used natural wood and leather elements bring a softness to the space and create the perfect balance.

See Delicate White  

The Furer Project

Leanne Ford brought her modern design aesthetic to update a Victorian home in her Furer Project. She used her go-to white, Delicate White (PPG1001-1), for the walls to brighten up the space. Delicate White helped to balance the wood trim and create a modern feeling rooted in traditional style. Leanne used Romeo (PPG1056-2) to paint a blush stripe on the wall in order to highlight part of the home’s original architecture with a playful touch.

See Delicate White See Romeo

The Kardell Project

Leanne used Onyx PPG1011-7 to update the original fireplace in this traditional home. The black fireplace is the perfect balance to the soft off white, Sugar Soap PPG1084-1, on the walls and Delicate White PPG1001-1 on the trim.

See Onyx Black See Sugar Soap See Delicate White

The Lawrence Project

Leanne Ford chose one of PPG’s most popular whites, Delicate White PPG1001-1, for the wall, and trim of The Lawrence Project. Pairing this soft white with Blue Blood PPG1034-6 as an accent creates visual interest and an effortless vibe. Plants and other natural elements complement these colors to create a feeling of retreat in this recently restored home.

See Delicate White See Blue Blood

The McCalister Project

Black Magic PPG1001-7 makes a stunning statement on the arched doorway in this project. Delicate White PPG1001-1 on the trim balances the softness of Sugar Soap PPG1084-1 on the walls. Leanne Ford again successfully created a modern space in a traditional home.

See Black Magic See Delicate White See Sugar Soap

The Paris Project

In a recent project Leanne Ford selected her go to white, PPG Pure White, in Semi Gloss for The Paris Project. Layering the white on walls, baseboard, and trim creates a crisp clean look that is continued throughout the home. PPG Pure White is our Timeless Out of the Can Base 1, and is available at The Home Depot. This off the shelf product does not require tinting, and contains no red or blue undertones. The pureness of this color creates a modern feel in this restored home.

See Pure White See Leanne Ford's White Palette

The Paschel Project

When Leanne was challenged with creating a “lodge style retreat” she leaned on natural wood elements to help achieve the look. The use of slate, concrete, and wood brings a balance to the space that makes it feel cozy without feeling traditional. She used Silver Feather PPG1002-1 on the walls. This cool white pairs perfectly with the metal elements in the décor.

See Silver Feather

The Rinaman Project

Delicate White PPG 1001-1 is one of Leanne’s favorite whites, and is the perfect backdrop for this farmhouse project she recently completed. She used High Salute PPG1039-7 as a bold pop of color on the bathroom walls. This deep, sharp navy is the perfect complement to the chippy farmhouse vintage bathroom.

See Delicate White See High Salute

The Smith Project

Leanne Ford brings layered whites again in this project, but added a pop of color on all of the doors in the home. She used Phantom PPG1036-6, a deep cool blue gray to add a pop of color that is muted and blends seamlessly to the rest of the space. It is the perfect balance to the vintage décor used to create a cottage in the city feel.

See Phantom

The Wilson Project

Leanne Ford went back to her roots with this project by using one of her favorite whites, Delicate White PPG1001-1, throughout the entire home. This bright white creates an airy and open feel. The natural light and greenery used throughout the home makes this home feel like the perfect summer bungalow. 

See Delicate White