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Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Kitchen cabinet colors to make any home look great

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

By choosing colors with personality for your kitchen cabinets, you can make cooking and entertaining even more enjoyable. A coat of white paint can brighten up any space, while some people prefer the natural look of wood, and others are injecting personality into their kitchen with bold blue and red paint colors on the cabinets.

Antique White

Always in fashion, white is one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets. Paint your kitchen cabinets Antique White for a look that is timeless, classic and understated. Antique white works well with wood flooring and benches. White can serve as a backdrop for many other, brighter colors in the room. Use white when you want to show off clean lines as it is an ideal color if you prefer a sleek and modern kitchen look that exudes elegance.

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Crescent Moon

When thinking about colors for your kitchen cabinets, be sure to consider the amount of light that comes in to the room. If your kitchen gets little light, you can add brightness with a cheery shade of yellow. Paint kitchen cabinets Crescent Moon for a look that brings the sunshine indoors. 

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Bordeaux Red

If you love bright colors in your home, consider painting kitchen cabinets Bordeaux. This color includes a combination of red with bits of blue and pink, making it less orange than a standard red. It brings to mind the colors of natural fruit and vegetables so frequently found in the kitchen, making it an ideal color for the space. Pair it with darker wood for a look that is sophisticated. Bordeaux works well in kitchens where people do lots of entertaining as it invites people into the space. 

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Electric Blue

When many homeowners think about kitchen cabinets colors, they look for colors that will stand out. They want something that is special and will make the entire kitchen look unique. Electric Blue helps bring a modern look to any kitchen. This shade has long been used to represent technological innovation and modernity. A kitchen with electric blue cabinets is one that is all about the use of vivid color. Use this shade if you want a space that is unique and helps the entire kitchen feel modern and fun. 

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You want your kitchen to feel like the heart of your home. And you want to be at ease making your favorite dishes for your loved ones. The right colors for your kitchen cabinets will help you get there.

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