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Paint Color Collection: The Brave

Create a bold and edgy space with our decadent color scheme

Paint Color Trends: Brave

The core paint colors in the Brave color palette are primarily dark, muted and vaguely tinted with all the colors of the rainbow, expressing diversity and an eclectic approach.  The Brave is a theme of rebellion and strength, a visual reflection of consumers who are finding new, stronger voices and find themselves becoming activists for causes and ideas they were once passive about.

Brooding and Edgy Moods

The full palette integrates jewel tones with elegant browns and military gray paint colors, creating both brooding, edgy moods or decadently glamorous ones. 

Dark Glamour

Interior spaces take on a look of dark glamour, using textiles with a subtle metallic sheen for accent items and suedes, velvets and leathers for larger pieces.

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