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PPG ULTRALAST FOR Property Maintenance

Save time and money

PPG ULTRALAST<sup>™</sup> FOR Property Maintenance

PPG UltraLast for Property Maintenance

PPG ULTRALAST FOR Property Maintenance

Save time and money re-touching and re-painting with the unmatched washability of PPG UltraLast. Engineered to deliver unprecedented stain resistance to unsightly marks from scrapes and abrasions, PPG UltraLast delivers an easy clean that will leave interior walls looking fresh. Choose PPG UltraLast for your next interior maintenance project for clean, attractive walls.

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Features & Benefits

PPG UltraLast

Features & Benefits

  • Easy stain removal reduces need for abrasive cleaners or sponges

  • Exceptionally durable in low-sheen finishes and all colors – no need to compromise

  • Unmatched washability for easy upkeep in high-traffic areas

  • Premium hide, smooth finish and easy application 

  • Dried film is resistant to stains and deterioration caused by mildew

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The UltraLast Advantage

Property Maintenance

The UltraLast Advantage

  • Creates a longest-lasting freshly-painted look*

  • Delivers clean, attractive walls

  • Potentially lower repaint and touch-up labor costs 

  • May extend repaint cycle 

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*Longest-lasting freshly-painted look is based on the combination of resistance to stains, gloss change and marring.
Powered by PPG Clean-Surface Technology<sup>™</sup>

Extreme Stain Resistance

Powered by PPG Clean-Surface Technology

PPG UltraLast outperforms leading super-premium paints. 

Common stains that PPG UltraLast can resist:

  • Coffee

  • Wine

  • Grape Juice

  • Crayon Marks

  • Scuff Marks

  • Lipstick 

  • Hand Grime

Ideal for retail, restaurants, educational facilities, multi-family living and office spaces.

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