Spray Equipment

Visit your local PPG Paints store for a great selection of the latest models of Graco® spray equipment and spray accessories. PPG Paints also has certified repair centers throughout the U.S. to help troubleshoot, maintain and fix spray equipment.

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Paint Applicators & Accessories

PPG Paints stores carry a complete section of brushes, rollers, frames, trays, extension poles and other accessories to achieve a professional finish with your paint.

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Caulking & Patching

Check out PPG Paints Stores for TOP GUN® sealants. PPG Paints stores have various different patching products available for all your job types.

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Masking & Property Protection

The PPG Paints selection includes a variety of tapes, masking papers and plastics, canvas dropcloths and disposable plastic dropcloths for any size job.

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It is most important to properly prepare surfaces prior to painting. One key step is to sand uneven surfaces or surfaces coated with glossy or shiny coatings. PPG Paints stores carry a great selection of sand paper, sanding pads and sanding sponges.

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Cleaning, Solvents & Surface Preparation

PPG Paints stores carry all the products you will need to ensure that your surfaces are properly treated prior to painting and also help you with the cleanup once the painting is completed.

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