SPEEDHIDE® MaxBuild Interior Surfacer


5 Gallon



Professional Painter

Product Details

SPEEDHIDE® MaxBuild High Build Drywall Surfacer is a quick drying, interior, vinyl acrylic latex drywall surfacer for use as a first coat on unprimed/unpainted drywall. Recommended for high build spray application over new drywall. The surfacer can be used to replace the typical two-step process of applying a skim coat of joint compound to the finished drywall, followed by a coat of primer. This product ensures that the finish coat will have a smooth and uniform sheen. SPEEDHIDE® MaxBuild High Build Drywall Surfacer, when applied according to recommended spread rates, will achieve a GA-214 ASTM C-840 Level 5 gypsum board finish.


  • Fast Drying
  • Very Good Sag Resistance
  • Less than 50 g/L VOC
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6-1 5 Gallon
  • CARB 2000 SCM
  • OTC
  • US National AIM