ULTRA-HIDE® 150 Interior/Exteror Latex


Gallon, 5 Gallon



Professional Painter

Product Details

ULTRA-HIDE® 150 Interior/Exterior Latex is specially formulated with exceptional adhesion and moisture resistance properties. This low-VOC, low-odor paint enables a space to be painted while occupied, delivering the durable product performance required. Recommended for use on properly prepared and primed interior or exterior wood, concrete, masonry, plaster, stucco, dry wall, hardboard, steel, galvanized metal, and aluminum. It can also be used on previously painted surfaces and weathered aluminum and vinyl siding. Painting vinyl siding or plastic composites with a darker color may cause them to warp.


  • Exceptional Adhesion
  • Excellent Scrub Resistance & Washability
  • Low VOC & Low Odor
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
3038-0100G Gloss RM - WHITE/SUPER WHITE Gallon, 5 Gallon
3038-0110G Gloss WHITE/PASTEL (B1) 5 Gallon, Gallon
3038-0300G Gloss MIDTONE/INTERMEDIATE (B3) Gallon
3038-0400G Gloss DEEPTONE (B4) Gallon
  • MPI
  • CARB 2000 SCM
  • OTC
  • US National AIM