PERMA-CRETE® PITT-FLEX® Elastomeric Patching Compound





Professional Painter

Product Details

PERMA-CRETE® PITT-FLEX® Elastomeric Patching Compound is a high technology product formulated for patching larger cracks (1/16” to 1/4”) in masonry and stucco surfaces. It seals and waterproofs between masonry, wood, glass, wallboard and brick. Do not use below grade or under water. For expansion joints, control joints, horizontal masonry joints and windows; use acrylic urethane such as Top Gun® 300 Elastomeric Caulk or a part urethane sealant.


  • Repairs Hairline Cracks Above Grade
  • Acrylic Terpolymer
  • High Technology
Code Finish Sizes Download
4-1000 Flat Gallon
4-1001 Flat Gallon
4-1001C Flat Gallon
4-1002 Flat Gallon
4-1003 Flat Gallon
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