PITT-GUARD® DTR All Weather Epoxy


GALLON/3.78L (01), 5 GALLONS/18.9L (05)



Professional Painter

Product Details

PITT-GUARD® DTR All Weather Epoxy is an all weather surface tolerant epoxy with fast drying properties. It is a high performance coating for both new and old steel.


  • Compatible with Prepared Damp Surfaces
  • Compatible with Adherent Rust Remaining on Prepared Surfaces
  • Fast Drying Properties
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
97-946 Semi-Gloss White or Super White Ready Mix GALLON/3.78L (01), 5 GALLONS/18.9L (05)
97-948 Semi-Gloss Matched Ready Mix Colors GALLON/3.78L (01), 5 GALLONS/18.9L (05)
97-949 Semi-Gloss Clear Finish GALLON/3.78L (01), 5 GALLONS/18.9L (05)
  • CARB 2000 SCM
  • OTC
  • US National AIM