Fast Dry/Speedenamel Interior/Exterior Alkyd


5 gallon, gallon



Professional Painter

Product Details

Fast Dry/Speedenamel Interior/Exterior Alkyd is a one-component, gloss alkyd enamel. It is suitable for use as a fast drying coating for general plant maintenance and for safety equipment and pipe identification.


  • Fast Drying Properties
  • Corrosion Resistant in Normal Atmospheric Conditions
  • Durable, High Gloss Finish
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
4318-0101C Gloss White/Pastel Base 5 gallon, gallon
4318-0700 Gloss White/Pastel Base gallon, 5 gallon
4318-0800 Gloss Deeptone Tint Base gallon, 5 gallon
4318-0801C Gloss Deeptone Tint Base gallon
4318-0900 Gloss Neutral Tint Base 5 gallon, gallon
4318-0901C Gloss Clear Tint Base gallon, 5 gallon
4318-1000 Gloss White or Super White Ready Mix gallon, 5 gallon
4318-9000 Gloss Red gallon
4318-9000C Gloss Red gallon
4318-9200 Gloss Orange gallon
4318-9200C Gloss Orange gallon
4318-9400 Gloss Yellow 5 gallon, gallon
4318-9400C Gloss Yellow 5 gallon, gallon
4318-9990 Gloss Black gallon
4318-9990C Gloss Black gallon, 5 gallon
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