DEVGUARD® Interior/Exterior Rust Preventative Alkyd


gallon, 5 gallon, quart



Professional Painter

Product Details

DEVGUARD® Interior/Exterior Rust Preventative Alkyd is a one-component, rust preventable high-gloss alkyd enamel. It offers a tough, durable finish for residential and commercial applications.


  • Excellent Resistance to Oil and Grease
  • Protects Against Atmospheric Corrosion
  • Good Abrasion Resistance
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
4309-0110 Gloss White/Pastel Base gallon, 5 gallon
4309-0300 Gloss Intermediate Tint Base gallon
4309-0400 Gloss Deeptone Tint Base gallon, 5 gallon
4309-0500 Gloss Neutral Tint Base 5 gallon, gallon
4309-7075 Gloss Gray quart
4309-9000 Gloss Red gallon
4309-9200 Gloss Orange gallon
4309-9400 Gloss Yellow gallon
4309-9990 Gloss Black gallon
  • CARB 2000 SCM
  • OTC
  • US National AIM
  • Canada National AIM