AQUAPON® WB Water Base Epoxy

AQUAPON WB is a water-borne epoxy interior/exterior coating system for use in commercial, institutional or industrial environments or where a tough, impact, abrasion, mar and stain resistant coating is required. Suitable for use on properly prepared and primed steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, copper, plaster, concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces. Also recommended as a floor coating. For Professional Use Only; Not intended for Residential use.

  • Gloss
Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
Water-borne formula meets all national VOC regulations.
Chemical and solvent resistance equal to solvent epoxy coatings.
Excellent abrasion resistance
Suitable for both floors and vertical surfaces.
Water borne formula for low odor and reduced yellowing.
Where to Use
  • Aluminum
  • Concrete & Masonry
  • Ferrous Metal
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Gypsum/Wallboard/Drywall
  • Plaster
  • Wood
Sizes and Data Sheets
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
98-1 Gloss Porcelain White Gallons | Fives
98-10 Gloss Safety Red Gallons
98-101 Gloss Gloss Component B (2.08 VOC) Gallons | Fives
98-11 Gloss Safety Blue Gallons
98-13 Gloss Safety Yellow Gallons | Fives
98-2 Gloss Black Gallons
98-3 Gloss Grey Gallons | Fives
98-4 Gloss ASA #49 Gray Gallons | Fives
98-51 Gloss Pastel Base Gallons | Fives
98-56 Gloss Midtone Base Gallons
98-57 Gloss Clear Gallons | Fives
98-58 Gloss Clear Component B Quarts | Gallons
98-100 Gloss Semi-Gloss Component B Gallons | Fives
98-98 Gloss Gloss Component B Gallons | Fives
98-99 Gloss Primer Component B Gallons