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LIQUID NAILS® Roof Repair Exterior Sealant


10 oz/300 mL (EA)

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Product Details

LIQUID NAILS® Roof Repair (RR-808) is a tough, flexible sealant that stops leaks fast around chimneys, flashings, roof decks, vents and other roof areas. Ideal for waterproofing, repairing and sealing roofs. RR-808 withstands even extreme temperature conditions. It works on wet roofs, and can be applied even in rain or snow. Does not freeze.


10.3 oz. Cartridge


30 Lineal ft. Using 1/4" Bead


  • Seals roof leaks in all weather
  • Extended outdoor durability
  • Prevents ice and water damage
  • Waterproof bond

Application Details

Load RR-808 cartridge into standard caulking gun. Cut nozzle at 45° angle for desired bead size (marked on nozzle). Puncture inner seal with nail or wire. 

Push RR-808 sealant as far as possible into gap using firm, uniform pressure. Apply sufficient sealant to leave a bead of at least 1/4" (.64 cm) around repaired and sealed surface. 

Level any excess sealant with a trowel or putty knife. Let dry 24 hours.

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Code Sizes Download
5167307 10 oz/300 mL (EA)
LQN80872 10 oz/300 mL (EA)