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LIQUID NAILS® Painter's Caulk Interior & Exterior


10 oz/300 mL (EA), Drum/200 L (55), 10.1 oz/298 mL (EA)

woman taping off wall for painting

Product Details

LIQUID NAILS® White Painter’s Caulk (LC-135) is flexible, paintable and gives a mildew resistant seal. It can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. This easy-working caulk cleans up with water and can be painted over after one hour.


10.1 oz. Cartridge


30 Lineal ft. Using 1/4" Bead


  • Paintable in 1 hour
  • Gives mildew resistant seal
  • Flexible caulk
  • Multi-surface formulation

Application Details

General application: Apply a bead of adhesive to the material being bonded and position immediately. For faster setting or uneven surfaces, pull materials apart right after pressing together and allow adhesive to air dry for 5 to 10 minutes before pressing back.

For fabric and canvas: Apply a bead of adhesive to fabric/canvas. Work wet adhesive into fibers. Press surfaces together. Remove any excess adhesive. Keep clamped or pressed together for 24 hours.

For countertops, carpets and flooring: Apply a bead of adhesive as close to the center of the material as possible. Press surface down and apply pressure from the center out to the edges. Remove any excess adhesive. Carefully pull materials apart and allow to vent for 2 to 3 minutes. Reapply from the center to the edges. Clamp or place weight on materials for 24 hours.

For porcelain and ceramics: Apply a bead of adhesive to one surface; press into place. Remove any excess adhesive. Pull materials apart and vent for 2 to 3 minutes. Reapply materials and clamp together for 24 hours. Do not use for 48 hours.

For ceramic tile: Apply a bead of adhesive to the back of the tile. Press tile into place. Remove any excess adhesive. Remove tile and vent for 2 to 3 minutes, then reapply tile and brace if necessary.

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Code Sizes Download
5167317 10 oz/300 mL (EA)
LN-135 Drum/200 L (55)
LQN13572 10 oz/300 mL (EA)
LRS-280 10.1 oz/298 mL (EA)