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HOMAX® Steel Wool - Grade #3 Coarse - 5 LB. Reel


Each (EA)

woman taping off wall for painting

Product Details

Homax® Steel Wool, Fine, Grade #3 is made of uniform, high quality metal strands. Use for cleaning, polishing, buffing and refinishing. Gentle abrasiveness for a variety of tasks. 5 lb. reel.


  • Grade #3 Coarse Steel Wool
  • Uniform, high quality metal strands
  • Gentle abrasiveness
  • Flexible to reach in and around corners
  • Perfect for use in factories, automotive shops and other industries

Application Details

  • Remove paint, varnish, lacquer, shellac, rust and dirt
  • Clean rough metal or stove surfaces
  • Clean engines and heavy machinery
  • Strip paint and other coatings from exterior woodwork
  • Tuck into holes, cracks and openings to control rodents, birds and other pests

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105046 Each (EA)