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HOMAX® Paint Hardener


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Product Details

Homax® Paint Hardener is an environmentally-friendly paint management solution that turns liquid paint solid for curbside disposal. It quickly hardens latex and acrylic paints and stains so you can dispose of the solidified paint safely. You save time and effort than painting out or drying up and there is less mess too. No need to use newspaper, kitty litter, or sand. One 3.5 oz. package hardens up to 2/3 of a gallon (2.5L) in 15-20 minutes.


  • Paint hardener for latex and acrylic paints
  • Helps harden paints to solids for disposable methods
  • Helps harden water to clean up messes or bilges
  • Non-toxic
  • Mildew- resistant
  • Fast working: 15-20 minutes
  • Can harden up to 2/3 of a gallon
  • Environmentally sound disposal
  • Soap and water clean up

Application Details

How To Use

Homax Paint Hardener is easy to use and solidifies paint quickly. Simply mix, stir, and dispose of solidified paint.

Paint Hardener Tips

  • Dump solidified paint onto newspaper, wrap, and dispose of in garbage receptacle.
  • Recycle your empty paint cans. Plastic paint cans are recyclable in some areas – check with your local regulations.
  • Remove paint can lid if throwing in trash, so sanitation workers can see it is hardened and will not reject pickup.
  • California, Washington, and Minnesota require special handling.

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