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HOMAX® Drywall Taping Tool


Each (EA)

woman taping off wall for painting

Product Details

Homax® Drywall Taping Tool applies both mud and tape simultaneously to drywall seams. Helps achieve a properly bedded tape joint prior to finishing coats and sanding, in less time. Applies 60 feet of tape and mud in 60 seconds. Includes adjustable mud control knob and tape tracking wheels. Holds 5 lbs. of mud and accommodates up to 500 ft. of tape.


  • One-step drywall taping tool
  • Applies both mud and tape simultaneously
  • Cuts taping time in half
  • Adjustable mud control knob
  • Tape tracking wheels
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Holds 5 lbs. of mud & 500 ft. of tape

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HMX06500 Each (EA) N/A