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Wall Repair for Large Holes

Fixing wall damage can be easier than you think

How To Repair A Hole In The Wall

You walk in to a room and notice that the door has been opened just a little too hard causing a hole in the drywall. Perhaps a small roof leak has caused damage to the ceiling. You may know how to repair holes in drywall and you may know how to patch a wall, but they happen all the time. Although you may know how to patch a wall, using the conventional method of joint compound and putty knife is a time-consuming project. Repairing large holes in drywall is quicker with Homax Wall Patches and Aerosol Spray.

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The Challenges of Patching Drywall

Typically, this method requires that you cut the drywall piece much larger than the original hole size, so the patch can be nailed or screwed to the nearest surrounding stud. Also, if you attempt to patch the original hole using only drywall paper, the spackling compound shrinks in to the hole and you are left with an obvious indentation. You must then apply multiple coats of compound - sanding between each coat - to get the desired look. This multi-step method involves significant time and money being wasted in order to achieve the desired result.

PPG Paints has produced a product called Homax ® Wall Patch that will save you those dollars and cut to a minimum the time invested in the drywall repair experienced when using the conventional method. If you are looking for a way to save time and money in these routine wall repair tasks, Homax ® Wall Patch is your answer. See how easy it is to apply Homax® Wall Patch. Follow these six easy steps.

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6 Easy Steps to Repair

Step one: choose a wall patch slightly larger than the hole in need of repair. Next, lightly sand around the hole and wipe away any dust or dirt debris. Peel off the Homax ® Wall Patch backing paper, apply a coat of drywall mud to the back of the patch, and press the patch over the hole. Step four: apply a light coat of spackling or joint compound over the patch. Feather outward to assure the corner edges of the mesh fabric are covered completely. Allow the area to dry and lightly sand. Repeat as needed to eliminate any visible edges of the patch. Step six: Apply a coat of Homax ® Wall Texture, Water-Base Orange Peel to protect your walls. Paint as desired.

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A Job Well Done

Your finished project will be noticeably improved from the old conventional method of joint compound and putty knife. When you use Homax ® Wall Patch for all your wall maintenance repairs and you will realize that, while saving time and money with a better foundation, you also have achieved a better paint finish.

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