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How to Help Your Customers Choose The Right Paint Colors

Using PPG's pro color tools on the job

How To Help A Customer Choose Paint Colors

There are several color tools that you can use that can help differentiate yourself from other contractors, which can then lead to more jobs in your future. Many of these tools can help you get painting jobs done quickly so that you can add more projects to your list. The color choice is usually the homeowner's main concern. Since there are so many color choices available, some homeowners don't feel comfortable coordinating the colors for the interior and exterior of the home. Color tools can help homeowners find the colors that they want with ease and confidence.

How To Help Your Customers Choose The Right Paint

Simplifying the color process

With any home, you want to look at your given elements. These are the materials that you know won't be changing, such as the brick, stone, or shingles. You can simplify this process for your customers by showing them color combination cards. The homeowner can view dozens of schemes and suggestions for the trim, body, and accents. Take a look at the original color scheme. While looking at the suggestions that are available, you can show your customers how the home would look with different trims, shutters, and body colors.

Datacolor Color Tool

Using the Datacolor Color Tool

After the exterior has been established, you can begin working on the interior. When a customer wants to match a color exactly, the most efficient way is to use the Datacolor Color Tool. This device will quickly match the surface and give you the closest color in the palette. All you have to do is turn the device on and hold it against the wall so that the device can scan the paint. It's important to try to help the homeowner choose a color quickly so that the contractor can quickly put together a bid and get the job done faster.

How To Help Your Customers Choose The Right Paint

Free Online Color Tools

If the homeowner hasn't selected a color and you don't necessarily want to choose a color for the homeowner, there are a few ways that you can assist in speeding up the process. There is an online quiz that allows the homeowner to answer a few questions to determine the colors that would best suit their personality. Once a list of colors is generated, the homeowner often has an easier time finding one for the home. Another option is the online color visualizer tool. The homeowner can upload an image of their room and digitally alter the walls to try out new colors. Both of these tools are free and easy to use for the homeowner.

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