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BREAK-THROUGH!<sup>™</sup> Doors

It's well-known that entry doors take a lot of abuse, from both move in, move out and just everyday use. So, what if we could show you how to repaint doors, put the unit back in use in less than an hour, without having residents waiting outside for the work to be finished and without having to sacrifice the time and cost of having an employee to sit there and watch paint dry?
And, what if you could find out how to paint a door with no chance of the paint sticking? All of this is now possible.

Introducing Break-Through!

Introducing Break-Through!

A revolutionary, water-borne coating that dries hard, stays flexible like an acrylic and allows doors to be back in use in a little as 20 minutes! Break-Through! is formulated for both interior and exterior use. Break-Through! Is specially made to bond to some of the more difficult surfaces, including doors, windows, shelving, hand rails, fixtures, trim, wood and concrete floors.
And just some of the benefits and features of Break-Through! Include:

  • Fast-dry gloss finish in 15-20 minutes for increased productivity and less down time

  • Low VOC and low odor

  • Great block resistance provides tack-free film

  • Hardness similar to or better than standard alkyds

  • Endures extreme bending/deformation with no cracking or peeling

  • Enamel-smooth finish with less brush marks

  • Resistant to household chemicals

  • Ideal in areas requiring frequent, mild household cleaners or light industrial cleaners

High Quality Product

High Quality Product

As a painter, you have always been particular about giving your paint jobs and customers a level of quality that speaks loudly of your ability, attention to detail and, most importantly your reputation as a professional. And, you’ve proven that you know how to paint a door to bring back it’s luster and beauty. Now with Break-Through!, you can continue to give that top-notch service, while using only a portion of the time the paint job used to take. Because, let’s be honest: High quality work should reflect your bottom line and equate to higher profits, right?

Why Choose Break-Through?

Why Choose Break-Through?

So, just imagine much money your organization, community or business can save. You’re a professional. You know how to repaint doors. And with Break-Through!, you get to utilize more of your work time, as well as the work time of your employee that would have been just sitting, on the clock, getting paid to watch paint dry. Break-Through! Means better workflow, increased productivity with less down time.

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