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Programs & Services

The PPG Paints difference in products and services

Property & Facility Manager Paint Tools

Helping you solve a variety of paint challenges

Products and services that provide effective solutions to paint maintenance challenges, and help you enhance and protect your investment long-term.

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Property Manager Pro Paint Services

Dedicated Service through the PPG Paints Maintenance Solutions Program

  • Trained Maintenance Sales Specialists

  • Site Visits

  • Proper Paint Specifications and Recommendations

  • Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Account Oversight

  • Contractor Referrals

Property Manager Pro Paint Services

Local Inventory and Management

Inventory for Immediate Availability

  • Free Jobsite Delivery

  • Centralized Delivery in Key Markets

  • Unloading Service

  • Trained Professional Drivers

  • Local Logistics Management

Property Manager Pro Paint Services

Program Management

Facility Job Walks

  • Accurate Record Keeping

  • Complete Paint Schedule

  • Paint Specification

  • Color Standards

  • Customized Paint Maintenance & Operating Binder