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Surface Treatments - Duraprep®

Water-borne surface preparation revolutionized

DuraPrep Surface Treatment

PPG has revolutionized the water-borne surface preparation segment with the DuraPrep line of products, which performs as well or better than harsh chemicals common in the industry today.

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DuraPrep Surface Treatments

Why use DuraPrep products?

There are many excellent reasons to use DuraPrep products:

  • Highly effective replacement for caustic and methylene chloride strippers.

  • Removes multiple layers of paint from a variety of substrates with a single coat.

  • Excellent substrate preservation.

  • Does not affect substrate pH.

  • No special equipment needed.

  • Waterborne formula.

  • Easy for engineers, architects and owners to specify and approve.

  • Can be used near occupied areas.

  • Low-odor.

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DuraPrep Surface Treatments

Where can DuraPrep products be used?

Architectural Restoration
  • Historical structures
  • Residenial homes

Commercial and Industrial Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Processing plants
  • Military facilities
  • Schools
  • Malls
  • Amusement parks
  • Zoos
  • Floors and roofs

Fleet Vehicles
  • Municipal buses
  • Commercial vehicles

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DuraPrep Products

DuraPrep® 100 View DuraPrep 100 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 120 View DuraPrep 120 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 125 View DuraPrep 125 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 130 View DuraPrep 130 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 200 View DuraPrep 200 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 205 View DuraPrep 205 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 220 View DuraPrep 220 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 225 View DuraPrep 225 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 240 View DuraPrep 240 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 400 View DuraPrep 400 Sell Sheet
DuraPrep® 500 View DuraPrep 500 Sell Sheet

DuraPrep Surface Treatments

MPI Approved Products

Learn more about the Master Painters Institute® and our MPI® approved products.

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