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Roof Coatings

The PPG Building Renewal family of metal roof coatings

How To Choose A Roof Coating Product

PPG Building Renewal Roof Coatings are a cost-effective way to restore and greatly extend the life of standing seam metal roofs. They are formulated to withstand corrosive and tough environments; so whether you need a repair or a complete roof coating system, PPG Building Renewal has the right solution.

These coatings are user-friendly, come in a large variety of colors, and are ideal for use in conjunction with a preventative maintenance program or in metal roof repair projects.

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How To Choose A Roof Coating Product

Why choose Building Renewal Coatings?

  • Restoration can extend the service life of a metal roof and delay replacement for many years.

  • The cost of restoration is far less than replacement with a comparable roof.

  • Lengthens building life and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Since little or no roof membrane is removed during restoration, interruption of building activity is minimized.

  • Coating restoration doesn't expose building contents to leaks during work.

  • Available in a wide variety of colors.

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