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Ultra-Durable, Field-Applied Fluoropolymer coating from PPG

Fluoropolymer Paint Products

Since the introduction of Coraflon® ADS in 1995, PPG has been restoring and protecting buildings with unique air-dry fluoropolymer technology developed in the early 1980s. 

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Fluoropolymer Paint Products: Coraflon

Why Coraflon?

Today, PPG's new Coraflon ADS Intermix continues the tradition of long-lasting, field-applied fluoropolymer coatings that you have come to know and trust. Coraflon ADS Intermix has added improvements related to application and performance and offers lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) without sacrificing durability.

Coraflon ADS Intermix Coatings are optimal for building restoration and other large-surface applications and are an excellent choice to restore weathered building panels and accents. Coraflon ADS Intermix is less than 250 g/L VOC and is compliant with VOC regulations in most regions in North America. The Coraflon ADS Intermix system is designed to be used on structurally-sound surfaces, including architectural metals, curtain walls, standing seam roofs, aluminum windows, doors, handrails and stairs. This includes ferrous metal surfaces, such as water tanks and ornamental entrance ways.

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Green Building Renewal Savings

Using Coraflon ADS Intermix low-VOC coatings (<250 g/L VOC) to refurbish existing architectural metal can significantly reduce the environmental impact and cost of a commercial building renovation. This is especially true when compared to metal panel or extrusion replacement or field coating with higher-VOC paint products.

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