BRP Urethanes

Durable Urethane coatings at a great value

BRP Urethanes

PPG BRP Urethanes are high-performance, two-component coatings used to restore exterior architectural metals and metal roofs. They exhibit excellent chemical and weather resistance and will not discolor or chalk when exposed to ultraviolet light.
BRP Urethanes offer good resistance to humidity and salts, as well as protection against mar and abrasion. These cross-linked coatings provide new life for tired building components at an exceptional value.

A Long-Lasting Finish Designed for Building Renewal Projects

A Long-Lasting Finish Designed for Building Renewal Projects

The BRP Urethane paints are extremely durable and offer long-lasting color and gloss retention under a wide range of exterior exposures. BRP Urethanes also provide a harder surface than other types of acrylic coatings, so rain will wash dirt off the hard surface relatively easily.

Easy to apply, these coatings can be brushed, rolled or sprayed and are available in two sheens (satin and gloss), metallic effects and colors that are ideal for building renwal. Additionally, a low-VOC urethane (50 g/L VOC) is available if you are trying to meet VOC regulations and the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® standards.

Why PPG BRP Urethanes?

Why PPG BRP Urethanes?

  • Very good gloss and color retention.

  • Brush, roller and spray application.

  • Fast-drying (three to five hours).

  • Resists high impact, mar and abrasion.

  • Available in satin and gloss finishes.

  • Dynamic color ranges.

  • Dirt resistant.

  • Lower price option.

  • Excellent adhesion.

  • Good chemical resistance.

  • Low-VOC urethane can help earn LEED credits.

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