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All Building Renewal Products

Protection, Durability and Beauty

Building Renewal Paint Products

At PPG, we understand that tight renovation deadlines, budget constraints and tough substrate conditions can complicate a building restoration project. The PPG Building Renewal™ line of metal coatings can help you overcome these obstacles with confidence.

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Building Renewal Paint Products

Advanced Coatings

Our comprehensive system of technologically-advanced coatings equips you with products to meet the demands of an array of substrates and surface conditions, while providing durable protection and lasting beauty.

A wide variety of coatings are available for various types of metal substrates encountered in the renovation market.

  • Surface Treatments – DuraPrep®

  • Primers and Barrier Coats

  • Metal Coatings – Fluoropolymers

  • Metal Coating – BRP Urethanes

  • Metal – BRP Acrylics

  • Masonry Coatings – PERMA-CRETE®

  • Roof Coatings

  • Thinners

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Products Available

Coraflon® ADS Wash Primer ADS225, ADS226, ADS703
Coraflon® ADS Epoxy PVDF Bonding Primer ADS510, ADS511, ADS512
Coraflon® ADS Barrier Coat ADS564, ADS1B
Coraflon® ADS Urethane Mastic DTM ADS650, ADS650B<, ADS651
Coraflon® ADS Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer ADS570A, ADS570B, ADS570Z
Coraflon® ADS Epoxy Intermediate Primer ADS572, ADS573, ADS574
Coraflon® Intermix Clear - Satin and Gloss ADS100CCXX, ADS1B
Coraflon® Intermix Satin and Gloss ADSxxxxxxx, ADxLxxxxx
Coraflon® ADS Intermix Mica/Pearlescence Satin and Gloss ADSxxxxxxx, ADxLxxxxx
Coraflon® Intermix Metallic ADS9xxxxXL, ADxZxxxxX
BRP Satin Acrylic Urethane BRP1001, BRP1002
BRP High Build Acrylic Urethane Gloss BRP1080, BRP1081, BRP1082, BRP1083, BRP1084, BRP1819
BRP Low VOC Satin and Gloss Acrylic Urethane BRP1501, BRP1502, BRP1580
BRP 100% Acrylic Enamel Interior/Exterior Satin BRP4610, BRP4620, BRP4630, BRP4640
BRP 100% Acrylic Enamel Interior/Exterior High Gloss BRP4910, BRP4920, BRP4930, BRP4940
BRP 100% Acrylic Primer BRP4912, BRP4909

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